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How to Write an Opinion Essay

How to Write an Opinion Essay

Writing an opinion essay requires certain techniques to be effective. First, you need to know how to write an opinion essay, which is not the same as writing an analysis or pros and cons essay. A good opinion essay will open with an opinion statement, which you should maintain unwaveringly throughout the text. Next, you need to use a hook, which could be a quotation, anecdote, statistic, or joke. The hook should reveal your take on the subject.

Point, proof, and analysis model

The next lesson in the Point, Proof, and Analysis model for writing an opinion essay focuses on writing the first proof paragraph for the opinion essay. It builds on the previous lesson on planning an opinion essay. Students can use the examples in the model essay for guidance. They should also use a domain-specific word wall to identify issues that are common to both types of opinion essays. After students complete their proof paragraphs, they can compare them to the Model Opinion Essay for Water.

The final section of the paper focuses on the proof paragraphs. These paragraphs should clearly state the main point of analysis. The first step is to read the text and take initial notes. Pay attention to the most interesting, surprising, or confusing parts of the essay. From there, dig into these aspects and present your own conclusion. In the final paragraph, you should explain how you came to the conclusion.


One of the best ways to hook readers is to make them think. If you have a good topic for your essay, the hook should be interesting. An example of a good hook would be a question, such as: “Why do you think this is important?” You can use a rhetorical question, too, but remember that it can be overused. When writing an opinion essay, it’s better to make a strong hook rather than a weak one.

Another way to hook readers is to use facts or statistics. These can impress your reader with your knowledge and interest, but they must be reliable. Make sure you carefully evaluate the information you choose and check whether it comes from credible sources. Remember, a hook for an opinion essay can be as powerful as its topic. You should also make sure that your hook relates to what the audience will think of when reading the essay.

Body paragraphs

Opinion essays follow the same formatting rules as other academic papers, including a thesis statement. The thesis statement summarizes the essay’s overall point and serves as the main premise of the essay. The body paragraphs should follow the path that the thesis statement took in the introduction. Each body paragraph should present evidence supporting the thesis, called primary support. Primary support is the most concrete evidence used in the essay. It should be detailed and relevant to the main argument.

A good opinion essay includes an introduction and a conclusion. The introduction should give the reader a taste of what is to come in the rest of the essay. Make sure that you state your opinion without hurting anyone’s feelings. Support your point with evidence, like a quote or a statistic. In addition, make sure to use meaningful sentences that support your claim. It’s better to use a single paragraph for the introduction and conclusion than two or three separate body paragraphs.


The conclusion of an opinion essay usually consists of the summary of reasons for the writer’s position and a call to action for the reader. The call to action should inspire reflection in the reader and encourage them to take action. The conclusion should be short, clear, and well-organized. A good example is a sample opinion essay that a student wrote in high school. The student can use the essay as a guide for writing their own opinion essay.

The conclusion of an opinion essay is the last body paragraph that summarizes the main points made in the body of the essay. It must not introduce new ideas or undermine previous arguments. The conclusion should be catchy and prove the importance of the ideas presented throughout the essay. While it may seem like a simple sentence, it is important to make the conclusion memorable and effective. This is particularly important for high school students who want to make their opinion essay stand out.

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